The internet is full of reports that ‘Some doctors in England are being offered thousands of pounds to cut the number of patients being sent to hospital’, with many such reports carried in ‘White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant’ (WASP) countries, see, for instance,

What is not usually analysed is that this subject is not a stand-alone cost reduction measure of any one country, it is merely a part of cost-cutting initiatives common to all WASP countries, which are, by various degrees, planning for the complete privatisation of health care systems based on the American insurance model. That is, the Protestant work ethic of ‘you get what you have earned’, embraced by the WASP elites, is the ultimate game plan for health care.

Cost cutting equals profit making. All doctors surgeries in WASP countries will be businesses, operating as corporate franchises, which will be heavily focused on operating margins.

What awaits the UK was described in 2011 by Jessica Berthold (, American College of Physicians), who reported on cost-cutting measures being adopted by American doctors. These measures partly include time-and-motion studies in which an employee keeps track of the ‘medical time’ each patient receives, leading to an analysis of ‘delegatable time’, which could be delegated to a non-physician employee. The use of ‘scribes’ is suggested, whereby a scribe takes the patient’s medical history, and a history of the present illness, which is entered onto computerised patients’ notes. The doctor then examines the patient based on the information obtained from the scribe. ‘While performing the exam or procedure, the physician wears a Bluetooth and dictates notes on the patient to the scribe’. Patients are given five-minute educational videos about their medical condition.

If you think that all recent health care/social security ‘initiatives’ in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK, are the result of politicians burning the midnight oil to devise unique plans then you live in some alternative myopic universe, and are ignorant of the fact that all such ‘initiatives’ have been directly copied from American policies, with, at best, their wording being slightly altered to fool people of their origin.

What has happened, and is happening in the UK and other WASP countries, at an ever greater rate, is the process of ‘Americanisation’.

This process can not be stopped by Mr. Corbyn and his cohort of national-anthem-singing ‘pragmatic realists’.

It can only be stopped and reversed by an overthrow of the ruling elite.

To give a taste of the delights to come, for I do not predict the imminent overthrow of the ruling elite, real life experiences of American war veterans can be exampled, a group, you might expect, that would be given considerate treatment:

‘We live in middle Tennessee. A little over a hundred miles from the nearest military installation. Our copay is no longer $12.00 it is $71.00 Each time I go to the Dr for my broken foot it is an additional $150.00 A good friend of ours, his step daughter got Obamacare, now at the tender age of 21 she has blood clots in her lungs and Obamacare does not cover it and her military retired family are having to seek help to pay the $4000.00 to cover the medicine to save her life. I am an angry Air Force retirees wife and the daughter of a Korean war vet. Pissed at what the government has done to all who serve and have served’.

The next contributor uses the term ‘Republican’, for which read WASP elite/Eton educated Tory:

‘Remember the next time you vote for a republican you vote against your own interest. They don’t give a damn about the soldier or his family. Some of old soldiers remember the old soldiers home deal, three hots and and a cot and medical. A promise that nobody remembers any more. TRICARE came about because the republicans said we can’t aford the free care for families and then put the retires in to reduce cost, and now they want to take that away. They keep talking about hard choices but it only you and me taking the cuts and ask to do more with less. Thirty plus years ago a man call RWR put this country on this road and republican since been saying the same thing. Cut taxes and everybody will do well. Look around you and see how well it worked for you and your family’ (See

This is the not very rosy garden path you are being led down; doctors being offered money to cut the number of patients being sent to hospital is but a bit-part of the grand plan of ‘hard choices’, ‘can’t aford the free care’ (political decisions disguised as economics).

Millions will be ‘pissed at what the government has done’, but will do nothing about overthrowing of the ruling elite.

Free health care in the UK will fade to ‘a promise that nobody remembers’.

lenin nightingale 2015