Nursing has entered an authoritarian nightmarescape.

It bows to the hegemony of corporate enterprise.

Nurses’ every decision is controlled and pre-conditioned.

Conformity to the nursing hierarchy’s dictates brings harmony and agreement.

No one who lives in the Brave New Nursing World questions authority by raising alternative ideas.

Nurses are produced on an assembly line of uniformity.

All the basic rules of the nursing hierarchy are expected to be carried out by every nurse.

They are conditioned by the nurse ‘lectureganda’ industry to go along with their predestined life.

Aldous Huxley called the psychological methods used in Brave New World ‘mind-manipulation’.

The love of servitude is the stability of the Brave New Nursing World.

Is this what the human soul really craves?

Conformity leads to a lack of personality.

Personal choices are sacrifice for stability.

Aldous Huxley wrote: ‘To make them love it is the task assigned’ (to nurse ‘lecturegandists’).

Some nurses can not be persuaded.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Some nurses can not turn off their emotions and mind.

They are excluded by being classed as not sane and rational.

The excluded nurse may be realistic and perceptive.

Those who control nursing knowledge control nursing.

Nursing conceptual models, theories of what it is to be human, define how nurses respond to the needs of patients.

Nursing theories disparage and disqualify alternative theories.

Nursing’s hierarchy promote theories which maximise nursing’s professional standing.

The rhetoric of nursing theories define power over patients and nurse.

Once nursing’s hierarchy define what nurses should do, they can identify and punish those with alternative views.

Nursing thories variously describe nursing as an ethical activity.

Those who define what is ethical, identify and punish those with alternative views.

‘In 2013, nursing student Nichole Bruff was dismissed from Baker College in Michigan for allegedly asking questions about the way her instructors were teaching nursing students how to coerce parents into receiving vaccines for their children, even if the children or parents did not want them. Nichole wondered why a patient’s right to choose or refuse a medical procedure was not being followed in administering vaccines. To her, this seemed to violate medical ethical issues she had been taught in nursing school, so she wanted clarification on why vaccines were different when it came to patient rights and ethics’ (1).

Nichole’s ethics were not those of the nursing hierarchy, who identify and punish those with alternative views.

Nursing students are ‘lecturegandised’ to reflect a concensus supported by ‘Pharmacorp’.

Freedom to think and speak is not tolerated by the mind-manipulators of the Brave New Nursing World.

Nichole was told by a ‘lecturegandist’ that nurses should ‘educate’ parents about the benefits of vaccination.

Educated parents would then comply with the misleading information given them.

Nursing has entered an authoritarian nightmarescape.

It bows to the hegemony of corporate enterprise.

Nurses’ every decision is controlled and pre-conditioned.

Aldous Huxley wrote: ‘To make them love it is the task assigned’ (to nurse ‘lecturegandists’).

Some nurses can not be persuaded.

I call on all nurses to support Nichole Bruff against the Brave New Nursing World.

I urge all nurses to cherish Nichole Bruff

  and her revolutionary heart.

lenin nightingale 2015






I often read American news outlets, to keep in touch about what is to be repeated in the UK, and one of the most sickening cases I have recently come across involved ‘Debora Casados, a nurse in the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System, reported that a coworker sexually assaulted two other VA staff members and made inappropriate comments to her. … the hospital’s human resources office told Casados and the other staff that they were not allowed to discuss the allegations and threatened them with disciplinary action. Casados was then removed from nursing duties and reassigned to a windowless basement office to scan documents. She was also denied leave to care for her terminally ill mother.

In another case, Charles Johnson, a technologist in the radiology department at the VA Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina, was hit with a proposed suspension in 2014 after he questioned the methods of a doctor. The proposed suspension was issued by the same doctor. In February, the VA agreed to rescind the proposed suspension and evaluate the method in question’ (CJ Ciaramella,, April 9, 2015).

The first case is a sickening reminder of what might happen to a whistleblower – thrown to the wolves, struck-dumb by employer-friendly laws that drown free speech. The second case is a sad reminder of what has happened to nurses in the UK. Question someone with power over you, who then report you to your governing body (NMC), who believe the accusations they have made up about you, without any burden of proof that a civil court would demand.

So, having trawled my usual sources, and begining to feel despondent about the despotic systems that rule the world of care, I was delighted to stumble on this blog:

‘Though I have no history of patient harm/sentinel events/drug or substance abuse … On March 28, 2014 The Arizona Board of Nursing revoked my nursing license in relation to a patient harm incident I spoke out about in order to get the right thing done. In the process they also violated my first amendment rights to free speech and used this blog during the case in order to bring more charges against me. I have filed with the Superior Court of Arizona to fight this practice because the judgement against me has ramifications for every nurse all over the US and in the same way my first amendment rights were violated, so will other states seek to do the same thing to nurses everywhere. My case was a benchmark case and will be used in the future to establish discipline for other nurses … ‘.

Please visit this blog and send it out; ‘nurseinterupted’ writes in a very imaginative way, rich in allegory: ‘Other nurses have simply taken off their headsets, disconnected with air traffic control, closed their eyes’, and, although I think many that enter caring jobs never had headsets on in the first place, the clarion call: ‘Don’t give up. Everyone’s story deserves to be heard‘, is inspirational, and a rallying cry to all nurses whose faces are shoved in the mud by employers, and not supported by fascist nursing hierarchies.




lenin nightingale 2015